Responsibly Made

Our Vision:

To create a better and more sustainable future by crafting objects that actively replenish the planet, uplift the producer, celebrate global connection, and inspire the responsible consumer. 


We are trying our best to live our vision by:


1. Addressing socio-economic inequalities and authentically represent the people we work with

We focus on generating positive economic impact for women and men living in a vulnerable area in Malawi and beyond by creating dignified, equitable jobs, and providing a living wage within our entire supply chain. Throughout this process, we are intentional with our words and strive to authentically represent the individuals and community we work with.

2. Lowering our carbon footprint through sustainable manufacturing and reforestation efforts

We acknowledge that everything we make has an environmental impact on the planet. Not only are we proactive and intentional with the energy used to create our products, but we are actively working towards offsetting our carbon emissions within our value chain to become a carbon neutral producer. Here are some of the steps we have taken so far:

  • Renewable Manufacturing: Our entire workshop runs on renewable energy- our electric machines, tools, and community charging station are all 100% powered by the sun!
  • Sustainable, plastic-free packaging: Our labels and marketing material are made at our workshop from consumer byproducts and turned into recycled card-stock within Malawi. Retail orders are shipped in local cotton bags handmade by a group of mamas from Manchewe village. Wholesale orders are shipped in compostable plant based bags
  • Transparent Supply Chain: We consciously source our raw materials and buy locally whenever possible. We use up-cycled wire from a small nearby co-op and what raw materials we do need, we import using slow, low carbon transportation.
  • Re-forestation efforts: like many places, Malawi is facing alarming rates of deforestation. Yewo has so far planted close to 1,000 trees around our community, and hope to make this a major priority for the coming years 

 3. Designing thoughtful, functional, and fairly-priced products 

We would not be able to do all the good things we do as a responsible company if we were not able to sell our objects. Therefore, we place a lot of time, research, and thought into every one of our designs to ensure they are not only beautifully crafted, but that they are also functional, made-well, fairly-priced, and bring joy into our customer homes and life for years to come.


4. Connecting cultures and invite the inspired consumer to use their purchasing power for good

Unlike most brands, we own and operate our solar-powered factory and live part of the year on the ground in Malawi. This unique opportunity not only ensures our daily commitment to ethical employment and low impact production, but it also allows our customers an honest insight of where their product originated from, who made it, and the impact they are making with their purchase.


We hope that this transparency and global connection inspires you to continue supporting brands that align with your values as we work towards creating a more equitable and sustainable world. There truly is power in the consumer market. Let’s use it for good.